jamie is a wife, long-time dog mama, and recent new human mama :) she has always had a love for art of any kind, and only in the past few years discovered a love for fiber art, whether it be knitting or weaving. she loves color, and loves to see how colors “play” together, using nature as her main inspiration. creating beautiful colorways that can be used to create a textile sets her heart on fire.


andrea is a wife, dog mama, knitter, occasional weaver, and all-around yarnie. she began knitting as a young girl. she was fascinated watching her nana create a blanket using just 2 needles and a ball of yarn. andrea took a great interest in learning the art, and nana gave her needles of her own. she was hooked. nearly 20 years later, her passion for knitting has only grown. her love of fiber arts, beautiful yarn, and a new love of knitting socks, inspired her to want to create beautiful colorways of her own.


about us

we are sisters. we joke that we are actually twins, but andrea just waited 3 more years to come out. we share many common interests, finish each other’s sentences, and even get the same songs stuck in our heads when we haven’t seen each other all day. though we developed a love for knitting/yarn at different times in our lives, it has been something that we share for a few years now. andrea’s love of all things knitting and yarn, and jamie’s love of color and creating have brought us together to create mockingbird fiber co. we hope you enjoy our yarn as much as we enjoy creating it!

-Jamie and andrea